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¡Mira las mejores películas en Movieflix!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Get more Free Litecoin with the latest update.

With our 4 year history of creating faucets, incentive apps and giving away Bitcoins, we are finally bringing this to Litecoin!
In the app you can claim a little free Litecoin every hour. We have big hourly rewards, simply spin and claim a prize. You get multiple spins every hour so if you don’t like the first reward, you can spin and try again. You can even top up your spins by watching a simple ad, so keep trying to claim those top prizes!

You can also claim additional bonuses – simply watch an ad and claim more Litoshi!

Your balance will automatically be sent to your registered Litecoin wallet address every week, as long as your earnings add up to at least 20,000 Litoshi

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

All about the investment site Shara .Today and the ruble profit method

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To register for the company: Click here

Watch the video

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Shara Today - Earnings without attachments

Shara Today is a place where you can spend time with benefit. The portal contains the best ways to earn money with and without investments: bonus tap, surfing sites, tasks. In addition to making money, there are many interesting things. These are various articles on earnings, as well as project monitoring where you can familiarize yourself with the latest in investment hype projects.
But the site itself is more specialized for people who want to make money on the Internet, or find a place to advertise because the site has a lot of traffic per day, which will give you a huge influx of visitors to your site or project. In your account you can see sections that will be released soon for additional income, as well as various contests on the site.

registration on the website

It is important to fill out all the points when registering! Be careful one person can only have one account! registration on the site

Crane Bonus

Every hour you can receive up to 0.25 rubles to your account for withdrawal. You just need to click on the advertisement, then enter the captcha to confirm and your bonus!
And to increase the bonus you need to replenish by a certain amount, you can find in the table.
Shara today - bonuses

Site Updates

Soon there will be a lot of interesting things to increase your earnings, and soon each participant will be able to make a deposit and receive daily interest from the site in the Bank section!
Reading letters will appear, filling out surveys where the payment will be much higher than in the surfing section where you are only viewing ads. And there will probably be some updates over time.
Shara today - update on the site
On the project, you can earn money without investments, but you need to type a minimum of 10 rubles to withdraw money
Shara today - earnings

Project marketing

There are 3 tariff plans on the project:
  • Deposit "Standard" The amount of deposit from 20r to 10000r. Deposit term 30 days with a yield of 110% (3.66%) per day
  • “Plus” deposit. Deposit amount from 200r to 15000r. Deposit term 60 days with a yield of 122% (2.03%) per day
  • “Premium” deposit. Deposit amount from 500r to 20,000r. Deposit term 90 days with a return of 135% (1.50%) per day
Shara today - project marketing

Bounty Program

The bounty program is what you can earn absolutely without investments, having a well-developed social network or YouTube channel, we pay you for advertising our project, all conditions will be described below in more detail, at the moment there are 5 types of earnings on the bounty:
1) Video on the YouTube channel
2) Post in the VKontakte group
3) Post on the channel in Telegram
4) An article about us on your resource
5) Find the BAG / error on our website

affiliate program

Invite your friends and acquaintances to the site and get 20% from the Crane, and 3% from their Replenishment.
The site has the ability to receive free referrals. To do this, you need to go to the section - Leader of referrals and pay 30 rubles, after which all referrals that come to the site not via the referral link become yours, but at any time another member can activate this function.


Project start: 07.25.2019
Payouts: pays Manual (Processing time up to 48 hours, usually much faster)
Money deposit and withdrawal: Payeer, Yandex, Qiwi, Perfect Money
The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 rubles
Minimum deposit: 20p
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Monday, January 13, 2020

How PaidVerts Works The best payeer btc eth ltc

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Paidverts Review, tips & tricks

Paidverts is a website where you can earn from $0.005 up to $200 for checking 30 seconds of ad!. But if this is your first time you’ve heard about PTC program then refer these articles-
Here are some key points about Paidverts:-
  1. Its absolutely free to join. You can signup here.
  2. Paidverts is a very stable platform and is a part of MyTrafficValue so you don’t need to worry.
  3. Paidverts is a revolution in PTC industry & people with high dream can earn very high income from this single website.
  4. Initially you will earn small income but if you are working hard continuously then you can earn big money in few months.
  5. You will receive your income by payeer, Bitcoin, eth,ltc etc. which is one of the best way to receive online payment.
  6. Check this real screenshot of Paidverts account & see the value of 30 seconds ads. You can achieve this with in 1-2 months of working hard.
So if you are good to go & looking forward to work with Paidverts then you need to understand & follow these 6 steps.
Without understanding Paidverts, you won’t be able to earn much.

Step 1: Join Paidverts

You can join Paidverts from this special link. You need to check your email & confirm your registration to make your account active.

Step 2: Accumulate BAP (Bonus Ad Points)

This is the highlight point in Paidverts & you need to understand BAP system clearly in order to earn good income from this site. BAP is the currency or point system in Paidverts.
You don’t get the paid ads directly in your account. You will get the paid ads as per your BAP amount. More BAP you have, more higher value ads you will receive. So you need to collect more & more BAPs.
Once you login to your account, you need to check “Paid” link in the right side under “YOUR NAVIGATION”.
Before viewing the paid ad$, you need the type the text in the 3 images provided there. You can simply click on ‘copy paste’ icon provided in-front of the text box.
You will find 16 activation ads daily. It starts with 22BAP and then 25 BAP for each ad.  So checking all 16 activation ads will give you 400 BAP. You have 18 hours to view the 16 ads otherwise the ads will expire.
First day, you will not earn real cash but only 400 BAP if you view all 16 activation ads.

Step 3: Earn cash from your BAP

Each BAP will give you $0.0005 worth of ad. So Next Day, you will receive 400  x 0.0005=$0.2 worth of ads + 16 activation ads.
You need to check your account at least twice in a day otherwise you can miss your paid ads. Next day, after viewing all the paid ads + activation ads, you will receive $0.2 & 400 BAPs.

Step 4: Buy $0.5 Upgrade to view Recycled ads

This is another trick to earn more income. If you have 2500 BAPs then you can buy a $0.05 upgrade to view recycled ads .
Recycled ads are those ads which are not seen by other members. So if you buy a $0.05 upgrade, you will receive recycled ads worth more than $1 in addition to your paid ads and activation ads.
So you will be in $0.95 ($1-$0.05) profit from this upgrade. Once your upgrade expires, you can again buy this $0.05 upgrade.

Step 5: Buy an ad pack

This is another most important tip for working with Paidverts. If you buy a $1 ad pack then you will get number of benefits.
First, you will receive +2400 BAPs which will deliver $1.55 value of ads. Second, you will receive 50 visits of 30 seconds each on your website & third you will receive 50 impression on your banner ad.
Note: You can create a free website & promote your business or other PTC sites to get referral
Try to accumulate more & more BAPs because you will receive higher value of ads only if you have high BAP.
You can get $1, $2 or even $50 value ads depending upon your BAP.

Step 6: Refer & Earn 10% lifelong from your referral earnings

This is the most important part in any PTC website. If you refer someone, you will earn 10% of earnings he/she receive by viewing his/her ads. You can find your referral link in your member’s area & promote it through Facebook, Whatsapp, email or many other ways explained here.
If you are a paidverts member or paidverts membership holder you will earn 2$ for every recycled ads. Other ways to earn BAP is by Click Grid, cash Offer and Playing Games.
So what are you waiting for? Join Paidverts here & start earning some good extra income.

PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers!

Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily. All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text about the ad. And then visit the website for up to 30 seconds to unlock your instant cash payment.

Earn more with Bonus Ad Points!

Bonus Ad Points are how we measure your proven value to prospective advertisers. The more you accumulate, the larger value ads your account will gain priority in receiving.

Become a Recycler Pro with just $0.05

Users have 18hours to click on the ads issued to them, or they're automatically recycled to another user. Purchase a pro upgrade from your My Account page, to gain priority receiving these ads.

Advertisers! Communicate like never before

We delivered proven high value users to you website, who will first copy and paste your three unique selling points, in captcha form, before visiting. So they're primed, and know what they're looking at, when they land on your webpage!
Check out our bulk ad packs; $1 delivers:
(1) 50x paid visits to your website for up to 30 seconds each, after users have copied 3 selling points about your business.
(2) 100x banner impressions 125*125px
(3) 25x top of page banner impressions 728*90px or 468*60px

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Litecoin Mining Pro Legit Bot🎉 Per Refferal Bonus: 0.0025 Ltc

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✅ its paid promotion 

✅ 100% Real & Light BOT

✅  Instantly Payment Automatic 

Ⓜ️ Minimum Withdraw : 0.05 LTC

🎁 Invite your friends and receive 0.0025 ltc as a bonus

💲Referral System :
• Level 1  :: 0.0025
• Level 2  :: 0.0035
• Level 3  :: 0.0045
• Level 4  :: 0.0050
• Level 5  :: 0.0060

✳️ Automatic Payment

Please Use My Refferal Link 

✅ Refferal Comoison 4 Levels

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Proof of withdrawal from the giant company mizes

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Uphold Steps + Proof Brave Browser – Sign Up & Get 1$ + 5$ Per Refer Every Month

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.
Brave Browser:-
Brave Browser Is One Of The Android Web Browser Which Allow You To Surf Faster Than Other Browsers As It’s Built In Ad Blocker For Any Third Part Ads. Browser Is Too Fast & Smooth Than Other Web Browsers.
As A Referal Offer Brave Is Giving ₹ 300 On Sign Up Along With ₹ 300 Per Refer. As It’s Same Like FB Research App But Concept Is Different From That. You Just Have To Use Browser Daily For 1-30 Minutes To Get ₹ 300 Every Month Free.

How To Get This Deal:-

Best Part Of App Is , You Just Have To Use Browser Daily For Upto 1 Hr To Get ₹ 300 Every Month Free Of Cost
1. First Download Brave Browser
Note – Browser Is Totally Safe /Ad Free & Even Faster Than Other 
2. Install & Open It.
3. Now Simply Click On “Bat” Icon Top Right Side.

4. Click On “Join Rewards”

5. Now Brave Will Create A Wallet For You , You Just Have To Sign Up Now On Browser.
5. Simply Go To This Link & Sign Up Using Valid Email Address – Click Here
6. Verify Your Email Id & Enter Name.
7. Now Simply Login With Your Details & That’s It Now You Are On Home Page Of App.

Add A Channel In Brave Browser:-

1. Now You Have To Add A Channel Name In Brave App.
2. Simply On Home Page Scroll Down & Click On + Icon Of Add Channel.

3. Now Add Youtube Channel In Your Account [Use Same Email Which You Used While Sign Up]
4. If Any One From You Don’t Have Youtube Channel , Simple Now Worry They Will Automatically Create For Your While Your Provide Details.

5. That’s It , Now It Takes Upto 24-48 Hrs For Your Account Verification.
6. You Just Need To Use Browser Daily For Few Time I.e 1-30 Minutes.

This App Is Having Same Concept As FB Research App , This Time You Don’t Need To Install Any Certificate

How To Get Sign Up Bonus:-

1. In Order To Get Sign Bonus , You First Need Verified Account Which We Already Done Above.
2. Just Use Browser Daily From 1 To 30 Minutes , To Get 5$ = ₹ 300 Sign Up Bonus.
3. Just Open Browser & Surf Daily As You Done In UC & Chrome.
4. You Will Earn 5$ = ₹ 300 Every Month Just By Using This Broweser.

How To Refer Friends In App:-

1. Simply Go To “Refer Your Fans”

2. Now Invite Your Friend Via Referal Link.
You Can Use Link If Banner Not Showing To You – Click Here
3. When Friend Install App & Use Daily For 30 Minutes , You Will Eligible For Reward.
4. Referal Rewards Will Be Added Every Month First Week.
5. Friend & You Both Have To Use Brave App 1-30 Minutes Daily , In Order To Get 5BAT.
6. You Can Redeem All Money In Bank Via Uphold , We Will Add Steps In Same Post Soon.

How To Create Uphold Account:-

1. First Visit Uphold
2. Enter Your Email & Password
[Make Sure Use Same Email Which Used In Brave While Register]
3. Now In Next Step Enter Full Name , DOB & State.
4. Now It Will Ask You To ALLOW 2 Factor Authentication.
5. Simply Click On Next & It Will Generate A Key & Qr Code For You.
Brave Browser
6. Simply Copy This Key & Download – Google Authenticator App
Note – Also Keep This Key Safe With You As Everytime You Change Your Phone You Need This Key To Generate OTP
7. Open Google Authenticator App & Enter That Key Which We Copy Above & Make Name Uphold.
8. Now Google Authenticator Will Generate OTP For You Everytime When You Login To Uphold.
9. Now Again Go To Uphold & Now You Will Be Asked To Enter OTP , Open Google Authenticator App & Check OTP & Enter Their.
10. That’s , It Your Account Has Been Created.
11. You Need TO Do KYC Via Aadhar Card & Selfie
Click On Become Verified Member > Identity Card & Upload
Brave Browser
[Make Sure Manually Click Aadhar Card Photos Then Uphold , Don’t Use Sacnned Photo Otherwise They Suspend Your Account]

12. Kyc Will Be Approved Within 10 Minutes , SomeTime It Takes 1 Hr.
13. Now Login To Your Brave Publisher – Click Here
14. Open Your Panel & Click On Connect To Uphold

15. Now Login Via Your Uphold Account & It Will Connected Automatically Within 30 Minutes.
16. Mark Currencey As BAT Only , As It Will Take Low Charge While Transfering To Bank.
17. Rest You Can Redeem Money In Bitcoin Too.
Redeem Process Will Be Shared In Seperate Post As On 8 Aug They Will Send Payments To All , So Make Verified Account & Connect It To Uphold To Recieve Payments
Bank Redeem Process I Will Share As Soon I Recieve Money Which Will Be Issued On 8-9 August


Here’s BAT Proof 4 Bat = 1$ So As Per INR It’s Around ₹8000+ , Simply We Need To Use App That’s It

Best Regards
َAssam Boulbir